Which Rehabilitation Center Is Right For Me?

An upwards of 45,000 Americans died from overdose last year, a drastic increase from the previous year. Due to the alarmingly high death rates caused by overdose more and more people are seeking ways to get help for their addiction. Fighting a drug addiction takes willpower, determination, and, most importantly, help from trained professionals. There are numerous facilities that provide addiction assistance, however, understanding the difference in facilities near you is essential in getting the best care.

While most drug rehabilitation facilities all have the same goal of helping patients conquer drug addiction, their means of treatment are slightly different. The most distinguishable difference in substance abuse treatment centers is whether they offer inpatient or outpatient care. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of both facilities will help you or your loved one select the facility best suited for their individual needs.

Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Centers

Inpatient drug rehabilitation centers are the more traditional between the two. Inpatient treatment centers require the individual to remain “on site” (at the facility) for the entire duration of their treatment. This means that once an individual checks into an inpatient rehab center, they will not leave the center until treatment has been completed. The patient has the opportunity to be fully removed from the distractions and struggles in their everyday life and focus solely on recover. Inpatient treatment centers are extremely common and help millions of Americans conquer addiction.

Due to the nature of inpatient centers, the treatment plans at these facilities are typically more intense. While in the care of an inpatient treatment center the individual has access to medical, emotional, and psychological care 24 hours a day. These centers also have highly-trained staff that are present to help patients with everything from detox to therapy. The average length of treatment at inpatient facilities can be anywhere from 30 days to 6 months. This means that an individual will get round-the-clock addiction assistance for 1-6 months. Inpatient centers are excellent for patients who have a long history of drug abuse, are suffering from multiple conditions, or live in unstable environments. However, the 24/7 requirement of inpatient facilities can severely impact the individual’s personal life—responsibilities like maintaining their job, caring for dependants, or sustaining their relationships.

Advantages of Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Centers

  • Access to professional care 24/7
  • Ability to remove oneself from everyday life and focus on recovery
  • Intense treatment for severe addictions

Disadvantages of Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Centers

  • Difficult to maintain responsibilities like work or caring for dependents
  • Very expensive

Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation Centers

Outpatient treatment centers offer a slightly different approach to drug addiction. Without needing to dwell at the facility center, outpatient treatment centers can still help individuals conquer addiction. These facilities offer comparable medical and psychological addiction services. Individuals typically spend 10-12 hours a week at the outpatient treatment center, allowing them to work, see family and friends, and return to their home every night.

Addiction programs at outpatient facilities vary in length. Depending on the severity of the addiction, programs can last anywhere from one month to one year. These programs usually include a combination of psychological and medical care. More and more facilities are turning to medical-assisted treatment in order to facilitate quicker recovery.

Medical-assisted treatment utilizes medicine and its proven ability to reverse the chemical imbalance that drug addiction causes. Most forms of treatment inhibit the receptors in our brain from receiving those “feel good” cues that drugs release. This helps to anatomically reverse substance addiction and has been shown to drastically reduce the chances of relapse.

Benefits of Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation Centers

  • Concentrated treatment
  • Ability to maintain personal life
  • Very cost-effective
  • Most centers utilize medical-assisted treatment, which can reduce chances of relapse

Something as simple as a prescription refill can spiral out of control into a full-blown addiction. Drug addiction has turned into an “epidemic” in our country, claiming far too many lives. If you or a loved one are suffering from an addiction, we highly recommend seeking professional help. Contact my office today for information on how you can start fighting addiction.